General information about the venue can be found here, all talks and lectures will take place in room 511. After entering the building (please, do not forget your passport – it is required to pass through security), please, go to your left and use the elevator or the stairs to get to the fifth floor. Here is a list of places where you can have lunch or dinner in the neighborhood.

Here are: a more detailed description of summer school lectures, a pdf version of the program, the book of conference abstracts and abstracts for the student poster session.

Tuesday, June 16

9:00-9:30. Registration and opening remarks.

9:30-11:00. Barbara Partee. Reference, coreference, and binding, up to the 1980’s.
11:00-11:15. Coffee break.
11:15-12:45. Eric Reuland. From unity to diversity.
12:45-13:00. Coffee break.
13:00-14:30. Colin Phillips. Psycholinguistics of anaphora – what are the questions?

14:30-16:00. Lunch (on your own).

16:00-17:30. Conference session 1.
16:00-16:30. Giorgos Spathas. Deriving reflexive interpretations: possessive reflexives in English and Norwegian.
16:30-17:00. Andrej Sideltsev. Syntax of Hittite indefinite pronouns.
17:00-17:30. Yan Huang. CANCELLED

Wednesday, June 17

9:00-10:30. Eric Reuland. What’s the matter with local binding of pronominals?
10:30-10:45. Coffee break.
10:45-12:15. Colin Phillips. From grammatical constraints to memory mechanisms.
12:15-12:30. Coffee break.
12:30-14:00. Barbara Partee. Binding, quantification, and the puzzles of anaphora.

14:00-15:30. Lunch (on your own).

15:30-17:00. Poster session for students.

Thursday, June 18

9:00-10:30. Colin Phillips. Child-adult parallels in the (mis-)interpretation of anaphora.
10:30-10:45. Coffee break.
10:45-12:15. Barbara Partee. Donkey anaphora, discourse anaphora, and the rise of dynamic semantics.
12:15-12:30. Coffee break.
12:30-14:00. Eric Reuland. Why must reflexivity be licensed and how?

14:00-15:30. Lunch (on your own).

15:30-17:30. Conference session 2.
15:30-16:00 Elena Paducheva. Russian nibud’-pronouns in the context of negation.
16:00-16:30 Lisa Bylinina, Eric McCready and Yasutada Sudo. Perspective‐sensitive anaphora: the case of Japanese zibun.
16:30-17:00 Farhad Sadri Mirdamadi. Grammar-based or processing-based account: a case of multiple wh-questions in Persian.
17:00-17:30 Philippe Bourdin. When deistic directionals get to behave like person markers.

Conference dinner.

Friday, June 19

9:00-10:30. Barbara Partee. Implicit anaphoric expressions, implicit binding.
10:30-10:45. Coffee break.
10:45-12:15. Eric Reuland. From diversity to unity: Some challenging cases.
12:15-12:30. Coffee break.
12:30-14:00. Colin Phillips. Beyond Binding Theory.

14:00-15:30. A special event. Lunch will be provided.

15:30-17:30. Conference session 3.
15:30-16:00. Anna Volkova. Reflexivity in Meadow Mari: Binding and Agree.
16:00-16:30. Naoyuki Akaso. Bound pronouns and Agree‐based construal: Japanese ECM constructions.
16:30-17:00. Eva Theilgaard Brink and Byurakn Ishkhanyan. Pronouns and agrammatism in a functional theory of grammatical status.
17:00-17:30. Natalia Slioussar. Individual variation in evaluating Russian sentences with possessive pronouns.